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Lick-U-Back Stamp by HecklerInk-Designs

very cute and adorable. I like it :) and i just realized the minimum words for a critique is 100. wow that's alot so I am randomly typin...


Journal History


“I... I think you have a crush on Haruhi and... well, I'm honestly really upset about it and wish you didn't.”

When Hikaru had uttered these words in a half-secretive whisper to his brother in the solace of their lavish mansion, Kaoru had merely blinked at him for at least a solid minute before busting into a gut-clenching laughter that had tears streaming down his face. He blinked them away to look at his brother, sure that Hikaru was at least cracking a smirk at his own silly joke, and was immediately silenced by the stony eyes and pink cheeks flushed with angry embarrassment that he was met with instead.

“Oh.. You're serious?” Kaoru questioned, wiping his eyes and situating himself in the chair he sat in across from his twin.

Hikaru nodded, his eyes darting to the doorway to be sure they were alone before he continued. “I've given it a lot of thought and... It just really bothers me that you like her. I don't want you to isolate yourself from her or anything like that, I think. It took me a long time to come to terms with it, but I know where my feelings lie now.” Realization struck Kaoru and a small breath of air escaped his lips, as if he'd been punched in the chest, and he certainly felt that  way. So Hikaru was admitting that he loved Haruhi, and apparently was jealous of Kaoru's friendship with her, enough to confront him over it and warn him off.

“I see.” Kaoru gritted coldly, his knuckles white with how hard he gripped either side of his seat to keep his composure. “Well I don't, brother.” And with that he pushed himself away from the table and stormed off, not bothering to glance behind him.

He stomped his way audibly to the bedroom, brushing off any of the maids inquiring about his demeanor with a wave of his hand, before locking himself in the bedroom he shared with his twin.

So this is how it is, he thought. So many years struggling first with his sexuality and where his own heart lay, for this moment where it all fell apart and stopped mattering.

He let out a deep sigh and flopped back onto the bed, closing his eyes to sort out the wave of emotions he felt rushing through him and cluttering his mind. It was a well-known fact that him and his brother had lived in solidarity together, only making company with one another, for a very long time. It was fairly recently that they had opened their world to others and even more recently that Haruhi Fujioka came into the picture. She was beautiful and sweet yet sarcastic with a good, brilliant head on her shoulders and the trio became close friends quickly with all the time they spent together in both classes and the Host Club. They'd even added her on her cellphone plan and, despite her griping about them, he'd guarantee that she considered them as close friends as well. It hadn't been too long before Kaoru had noticed Hikaru's odd behavior towards her; at first he tried to brush it off as his twin not knowing how to handle having a new friend. Hikaru had shown his habit of letting his emotions control him often, and Kaoru figured he was still figuring things out when it came to having friends other than his brother. But it started to become painfully evident to him that Hikaru's feelings for Haruhi went beyond friendship, and that realization came with a hard lump in his throat and a pain in his chest.

Despite what many in the school would have thought, Hikaru and Kaoru were neither sexually nor romantically involved outside of their act in the Host Club. Inseparable, yes. Cuddle buddies, yes. But that was as far as it went, but it wasn't from a lack of feelings being there; well, at least not with Kaoru. The boy fiercely struggled with his emotions towards his brother, and the fact that Hikaru was indeed his brother only made it harder. He'd laid in bed many a night, listening to Hikaru's soft snores in his ear and thinking, and the thought process was always the same. He struggled to think of Hikaru as his brother; he always had. It was more like they were the same being separated into two entities. To Kaoru, he was half of a soul and Hikaru was the other, cruelly separated by their bodies and morality. It only made sense to him that they should be together in all senses of the word, and to think of another holding his brother sent a cold shiver down his spine and knotted his stomach. Hikaru wasn't just his twin to him; he was, utterly and completely, his soul mate, and there were so many times he'd wished he could share these feelings with Hikaru, but the fear of being rejected or shunned for his confession weighed too heavily on his logical mind for him to take such a risk. Though he had to admit to himself that somehow, he always assumed that it would work out; in his mind and heart he imagined that eventually they would be together.

But now... Well, now he knew that what he felt meant nothing to the other. “I suppose it was for the best I kept quiet.” He sobbed to himself, the tears that squeezed from his closed eyes now bitter and hot against his pale, smooth skin. He stayed that way for a while, quietly crying to himself, until finally curling up and falling asleep.


When Kaoru woke up, he wasn't alone. A long arm identical to his but belonging to another was draped over his waist and for a sleep-fogging moment, his mind forgot why he shouldn't enjoy his brother's warm body snuggled up to him to its full capacity. But as the light seeped through the curtains and stirred his functions, the memories of the previous day came back to him and he tensed in his brother's arms. The sudden frigidity stirred Hikaru and the arm around him tightened, pulling him closer.

“Hikaru, let me go.” Kaoru whined quietly, voice hoarse as he squirmed against the grip.

“It's not yet time to get up, brother. I'm too comfortable. Go back to sleep.” Hikaru groaned into Kaoru's ear, making the twin shiver as the warm breath tickled his sensitive morning skin. “I'm so tired, brother, please.” Kaoru hesitated, mentally cursing his yearning to please the other, before sighing loudly.

“Hikaru, move your arm. I want to get up now.” He demanded and Hikaru drew back like he had been burnt, flinching at the uncharacteristically harsh tone of his usually soft-spoken and sweet brother.

The rest of the morning went by in a similar fashion and when they arrived at school, there was a clear rift between them. The quiet tension surrounded the two like a stretched bubble and the only interactions they shared were polite words one would expect an acquaintance to say.


“We may need to have another talk with the twins.” Haruhi announced as soon as she passed through the Host Club doors, taking the others by surprise. She was soon followed in by the two in question, walking beside one another with polite smiles on their faces.

“Why? They look perfectly fine to me.” Tamaki stated cluelessly, looking up from where he'd been preparing the table for the girls that would soon be visiting.
“Tamaki your ignorance continues to leave me utterly underwhelmed.” Kyoya drawled, not bothering to look up from the notebook he was scribbling in. “I'd say this argument is far worse than the last judging on their demeanor.”

“What do you mean? We're fine!” The twins defended in unison, but there was a foot between them that became far more evident considering it was usually difficult to find even a full inch between their stances.

“They don't seem mad.” Honey's blond head popped out from where he clung to Mori's back, his eyes wide with confusion.

“It's an act, Mitsukuni.” Mori mumbled and Honey hummed his understanding.

“Yes. It seems the problem is so crucial to their relationship that they have not only decided to hide it from us, unlike the last argument, but also from one another. Let me remind you two that I support not meddling into your business, but if it starts to affect my business I will be forced to intervene for the good of the Club.” Kyoya finally glanced up, flashing Kaoru a meaningful 'fix this' kind of look.

Damn me for being the more sensible one. Kaoru thought bitterly as he looked away from the powerful gaze. You only care about the good for your pocketbook, Kyoya, and this isn't a problem that can be so easily solved.

“Well you guys will see that we are perfectly fine when the girls arrive so be prepared to be wrong.” Hikaru groused, taking a seat at his usual table and pouring a cup of instant coffee for himself. “Now, Kaoru, would you like some coffee?”

“I would. Thank you, brother.” Kaoru responded almost mechanically, looking anywhere but at the spitting image of himself.

“Alright, what about you Haruhi?” At the sound of Hikaru saying her name, Kaoru bristled. His brother's words from the previous day echoed through his mind and a quiet rage flowed through his veins; now was the time for some passive aggressive battle.

“You can share mine, Haruhi. I'm actually not that thirsty.” Kaoru offered, holding the steaming cup up to Haruhi's lips.

“Thanks but I can drink it myself.” She said sarcastically, gripping the cup and taking a sip. “I'm actually not that in the mood for coffee either so this works out. I know this is the official drink of this club and all but you guys drink this stuff way too much. Then again, that would explain Tamaki's mannerisms.” She mused and Tamaki sputtered, face blushing red as Kaoru took the cup back.

“What mannerism do you mean, Haruhi!? I assure you my charm has nothing to do with the commoner's coffee!” He brushed his golden hair out of his face with a dramatic sweep and Haruhi rolled her eyes.

“Nothing, senpai.” She grumbled and Kaoru laughed a little too loud before side-eyeing Hikaru, who sat rigid and emotionless in his seat.

“Thanks for drinking some of my coffee for me, Haruhi.” Kaoru brought the attention back to him as he raised the cup to his lips and licked the edge slowly before taking a drawn-out sip. “I could've never finished it on my own.” He smirked, sitting the fine china back beside Hikaru's untouched one, and took his seat. “Now I'm ready to start my act.” Another glance at Hikaru confirmed that his plan was working. Hikaru still hadn't moved, not even a twitch, and his eyes looked glassed over. Good, Kaoru decided. If his brother didn't want Kaoru to flirt with Haruhi so he could have her all to himself, too bad. Kaoru was going to be the biggest nuisance he could.

“Hey, actually, Haruhi.” He stood again and stopped the girl as she walked away, a new idea in his head. “I was thinking...” Kaoru slung his arm around her and leaned in, as if he had a secret, but continued to talk at a level he was certain Hikaru could hear. “We never did get to go out on that date. Maybe I could take you to dinner on Friday? Our mother is friends with a the owner of a five-star restaurant and I'm sure you'd love the food there. It'll be my treat and just the two of us.” With those last words he turned just enough to where Hikaru could see his grin.

“Well, I've never been to a five-star restaurant so it could be fun. Are you sure you'd want to pay for that?”

“Of course! You can get whatever your heart desires.” Kaoru tipped her chin up with a finger and smirked at her.

“Sure, I guess. It would be nice to eat out.” She shrugged before heading to her own post as the doors opened for business and Kaoru smugly walked back to his own seat, pulling it a few inches away from his brother before finally settling.

“So a date with Haruhi, hmm?” Hikaru inquired, his tone straining to sound light. “Could be fun.”

“Definitely.” Kaoru composed his own voice much better and it came out smug and harsh. “And if all goes well then who knows?” He was startled by the sudden sound of wood grating against tile as Hikaru stood quickly, pushing his chair back. Kaoru looked up at him, wide-eyed and almost daring him to start this fight. However, Hikaru merely stood there, rigid as a board with his head down, before sitting once more as the first girls walked in for the day.

“Hello Hikaru! Hello Kaoru!” Two girls chanted as they approached the table and took their seats across from them, smiling brightly.

“Hello, princesses. Don't you look lovely today!” Kaoru exclaimed politely and they blushed, covering their giggles with perfectly white-gloved hands. They turned to Hikaru, likely hoping for the same treatment, but he only nodded quietly.

“What's wrong with Hikaru?” The darker-haired girl asked and Kaoru merely shrugged.

“He's not feeling very well today, my princess.”

“Oh no! What's wrong, Hikaru?” The other girl prompted and Hikaru let out a low sigh.

“It is not my stomach or even my head that ails me today, my princesses. It is my heart.” He paused dramatically for the sad “aww's” of the girls before ducking his head. “I fear my brother no longer shares the love I feel for him anymore.” The girls gasped at this, turning to Kaoru.

“As if you have any love there.” Kaoru grumbled almost to himself before remembering that they were doing business in front of others. “Brother, I can assure you my love for you far exceeds any you might feel for me.” His voice came out less like acting and far too close to truthful for his comfort. Hikaru looked up to meet his eyes earnestly and pulled him into the same embrace they performed nearly every day, cupping his face as artificial tears pricked at his eyes.

“Kaoru...” He whispered, and even though the other knew it was an act, he couldn't help that his anger melted for a moment. “My love for you knows no bounds. Please do not break my heart and tell me that there is another that dwells in yours.”

He could feel the eyes on him, girls with bated breath awaited his answer.

“Hikaru...” His own tears, though far more real and more of a nuance than anything, welled up and he wished more than anything that he could wipe them away. “Nobody in this world could ever replace you.”

“EEE SO SWEET AND TRAGIC! THEY'RE LOVE IS SO TRUE!” The girls squealed in the background as they held the pose for a moment before breaking away with red cheeks and breathless chuckles.


“There was no need to do that today.”

Hikaru finally broke the tense silence they'd sat in for an hour in their bedroom, each on different sides of the same room; Kaoru sat on the edge of the bed while Hikaru had opted for the chair against the opposite wall.

“I don't know what you're talking about.” Kaoru insisted, staring a hole into the carpeted floor.

“You know damn well what I'm talking about!” Hikaru's voice rose angrily but he remained seated. “Your answer was enough to dishearten me but what you did today was just cruel.”

I'M cruel?!” Kaoru's head snapped up to glare right at Hikaru, only to be met with the exact face. “You think I'm the cruel one?? That's worth a laugh!” He barked a single bitter laugh and Hikaru growled.

“Yes you're cruel! I confess how I feel and you go and throw it back in my face like I'm nothing to you!!”

“How do you think I feel?! You're so self-centered! Did you never think about how I might feel about this love? Maybe I have a love of my own!!” This was it. It was broiling up inside of him and he was ready to explode. But to his surprise, Hikaru got there first.

Hikaru stood and slammed his fist onto the small table beside him, disturbing the vase. “I DIDN'T ASK TO LOVE YOU!” He screamed, tears freely pouring from his eyes, and Kaoru locked up at the surprising words.


“You think I didn't battle with myself for weeks? Months? Years even! I was so damn afraid to tell you how I felt but I thought at the very least you would understand, not try to put me down! I mean, my God even if you don't feel the same I thought our bond was closer than that!” He was pacing furiously, his head down and shaking arms gesturing in front of him as he spoke. “I tried to keep it hidden, I really did! But every damn day I got to look in the mirror and all I could see was you! All I could think about is how much I wanted to hold you and k-kiss you and I tried to feel wrong about it but I just couldn't! And then I'd see you with Haruhi and it just... just drove me wild! I didn't want to lose you. Dammit I wanted to be with you! And I finally try to tell you and-and-and...” He trailed off and stopped moving before cupping his head in his hands and letting a sob rip through him.

And Kaoru laughed.

Kaoru laughed and cried, tears absolutely pouring down his smiling face so much so that it kind of sounded like he was being choked.

“Wh-why are you laughing at me?!” Hikaru demanded as Kaoru stood, his own face a perfect image of pure misery, but Kaoru only continued to laugh as he rushed towards him; for the first time, Kaoru was the one to sweep Hikaru up into his arms, and Hikaru squeaked in surprise.

“I'm so relieved!” Kaoru gasped through his chuckles before finally, finally pressing their lips together. He pulled back, his eyes scanning over Hikaru's stunned and tear-stained face. “And so stupid!” He laughed again before laying three more quick kisses on his twin's lips.

“I-I don't understand.” Hikaru sniffled, though he wrapped his arms around Kaoru to keep him close. “I thought-”

“Shh, forget what you thought. Hikaru... I love you, I love you more than anything! You are the only one in my heart.” He smiled happily at the other and watched as a small smile grew on Hikaru's face. “Now kiss me, dummy!”

And Hikaru did just that. He dipped Kaoru slightly and connected their lips with a desperate fervor, one hand holding his twin's lower back and the other slipping into his ginger hair. “I love you, I love you, I love you.” He murmured between hard presses and Kaoru hiccuped a giggle and returned the sweet words with vigor.

Everything was gonna be alright, Kaoru thought as his brother held him closer. They were unconventional and things would very likely get tough, but they would always have one another.

And everything was gonna be alright.
"So you wanna get a dog?"

Ryan nodded politely to the old shelter owner from where he stood in front of the worn counter, raking fingers through his sandy blond hair. "Yes, sir. I figured that it's about time I had another living thing in my home." He joked half-heartedly and the old man sniggered, revealing fewer teeth than a person should have, before leading Ryan to the back room.

As soon as the door was opened, his senses were assaulted. The stench of wet fur and feces were strong enough to make his eyes water and the barks and howls of various pitches melted together into one big, obnoxious noise. He walked down the aisle, passing cages with dogs of every size, color, and age with barely a glance, before halting.

"I'll take this one." The dog he'd chosen was large and ridiculously furry, clearly a mixed breed. He wasn't anything spectacular to look at, but he wasn't barking like the others either, merely staring with large, round, brown eyes. Ryan liked that better.

"You sure? Ol' Snatchet ain't nuthin' but a mutt." The man warned, but Ryan's decision was set.

A name change and a bath later, Ryan was happily walking HIS dog, now lovingly named Mop, down the aisles of the pet supply store near his house.

Bath time had been a disaster, leading to a soaked bathroom floor and a necessary change of clothes by a sopping Ryan, but Mop's thick gray fur had come out an almost-white color and much neater after a brush and the cutting out of several mats. Mop seemed to be enjoying the fresh look as he snooped around the tiled floors of the store.

"Y'know, you don't say much." Ryan mused aloud as Mop sniffed curiously at a squeaky red ball. Ryan squeezed it once, grinning as Mop's ears perked up before tossing it into the cart along with a new leash, collar, food bowl, treats, and a large back of Kibbles N' Bits. "I like it." He finished his thought with a soft pat on Mop's head.

The dog enjoyed the warm Texas air, Ryan quickly discovered, prompting the man to switch his intended route after they had checked out from his house to the park he seldom visited, usually in an attempt to avoid human interaction; he was more of an introvert, hence the need of a dog for companionship in his mid-thirties. Brushing the thought away, he whistled once and Mop ambled out of the passenger's seat, remaining surprisingly still as the leash was hooked onto a clean new blue collar that matched his owner's eyes almost exactly.

They spent a while playing fetch with a fresh stick before the wood became riddled with saliva and bite marks and Ryan decided it'd be best for his hygiene if they walked the trail instead. "Y'know, you're really slobbery." He noted, laughing when Mop wagged his tail happily at him, tongue lolling out goofily. "And I talk to a dog. So I guess we're even."

And thus it happened so that he was prattling off the history of the park to the clueless dog as they strolled around the worn path when a sharp glint caught his attention. He squinted in the direction of the offender and was surprised by what he saw.

Under an oak tree sat a young man, the camera hooked around his neck held in front of his eye as he focused the lens. Only his profile was visible and Ryan could see from his distance on the path that he had wild golden brown hair that looked purposely mussed and matching stubble on tanned skin; his long nose and slender, handsome features suggested European descent and he was smiling at whatever he saw on the small camera screen, revealing the smallest hint of perfectly white teeth.

Ryan watched almost starstruck as the man, likely in his mid-twenties, snapped a few scenic photos before bouncing to his feet, nearly tripping, and jogging to a different vantage point. Ryan snorted to himself as the young man stumbled over his own feet as he stood and attempted to pass it off as a small skip. Mop bumped his nose against Ryan's leg at the noise, bringing him back to reality. "Sorry." He murmured, more to himself, as he continued their walk in the opposite direction rather hesitantly.


Ryan returned to the park the next day, walking Mop around the trail as he had before. The photographer was their once again, as Ryan supposed he'd secretly been hoping when he came back, and he was knelt down on one knee, snapping pictures of a young couple sitting on a wooden park bench and holding hands timidly.

"Alright, I'm gonna need you to help me out here buddy." Ryan whispered to his mutt before scratching his scruffy ears and tossing the small red squeaky ball Mop had designated as his favorite toy in the direction of the now-standing photographer. Mop took off after it, long ears flopping about as he chased gracelessly after it. The young man turned to watch the dog, throwing his head back with laughter as Mop's tongue lolled out before he took the toy between his teeth and turned to bring the prize back to his owner. The photographer's eyes followed the dog's path, green irises locking onto Ryan's blue for a breathtaking moment.

Ryan felt his face flush as he waved awkwardly, the gesture more of a reflex than something he had planned out; the man smiled and returned the greeting before the couple stole his attention once more, likely asking for the photo. Ryan leaned down and tousled Mop's head.

"Well," he sighed, watching the photographer follow the couple somewhere unknown with a disappointed sigh, "It was a valiant attempt, Mop."


Human interaction was hard, Ryan surmised. And he also might be the biggest idiot he knew, he added in his mind.

On the third day of returning to the park, Ryan started to think maybe he was coming off a bit creepy. "I mean, I'd like to believe I'm only going to the park because you like it." He explained to Mop as they walked the same path as before. "But I think we both know I'd be lying at this point, right?" The dog looked up at him and blinked once. "I'll take that as a yes. I don't know what's wrong with me. Talking is hard, I guess. Not to you, of course, but you can't really talk back. I flub my words otherwise and look like a dumbass. Who knows? Maybe I'll just be a weird dog guy for the rest of my life."

"Talking to your dog is a good way to get there." A smooth, British voice said and Ryan flipped around wildly, only to see nobody there.

"Um, hello?" He muttered cautiously, and heard a chirp-like giggle from above him. Looking up he saw, to his horror, the photographer. He was perched haphazardly in the tree they had just walked over, camera swinging dangerously around his neck and one arm clutching to the branch above him for dear life.

"Hi." The man waved with his free hand, swinging his legs around the thick branch he sat on. "Hold on a minute. Let me come down." He moved his arm and panic set in within Ryan; he had absolutely no idea what to say to this stranger, this man he'd come back to the park for again and again in hopes of finally speaking to him, and now he was drawing a blank.

And now this man was halfway down the tree.

And now this man had heard him talking to his dog.

And now this man was going to talk to him and probably call him crazy.

"Um, actually, I'm in a hurry."

And now Ryan was running. Running with Mop galloping beside him excitedly and obliviously as his owner fled like a coward, leaving that handsome stranger clinging to a tree in a park and totally confused.

He finally stopped on the other side of the park, dropping to sit at a picnic table shaded under a willow. His head fell into his hands and he groaned, low and loud. "God I'm so dumb! Why is this so hard? People meet people every day and I run away from guys in trees at the park!" Mop crawled up beside him and pressed his warm side comfortingly against Ryan's shoulder, making the man chuckle sadly. "Thanks, buddy. Maybe being a dog man won't be so bad."

"I like dogs." Ryan started again at the familiar voice and tensed in fear as he hesitantly looked up to see the gorgeous face he'd expected. "And, uh, sorry I startled you."

"You didn't startle me!" Ryan shouted a bit too loud, face flushing. "I mean, you didn't. I just... I don't know. I'm sorry I ran away. That was probably really weird..."

"I'm sure seeing a man in a tree startled you anyways." The photographer laughed, kicking at the grass nervously. "My name's Gavin, by the way."

"Ryan." The older man replied. A quiet 'boof' beside him made him snort and he pointed at the dog. "And Mop."

Gavin giggled, giving the dog a playful curtsy. "A pleasure and honour to properly meet the subjects of my favourite picture. Which is actually why I wanted to speak to you!" He rummaged in the bag strung across his shoulder and pulled out a folder, producing from it what appeared to be a photograph. "I wanted to give you this." He held it out to Ryan, tan fingers holding it securely. Ryan took it in his broad hands, greatly contrasting the photographer's thin ones, and examined it.

It was definitely a photograph, and one of him, he realized. His muscular arm was outstretched, tossing a stick that Mop was already in the process of running after. He was smiling, cheeks dimpling slightly, and his sandy hair was slightly windswept.

"I...I took it a couple of days ago and kept it to make a copy for my portfolio. I hope you don't mind." He hesitated, grinning sheepishly, and Ryan placed the picture on the table carefully.

"It's really lovely. You're very skilled."

"Hah, thanks." There was an awkward silence before Gavin went to open his mouth again, presumably to say goodbye. Ryan felt Mop nudge him and he furrowed his brow, interrupting him quickly.

"I was wonderwing!" He exclaimed, blushing when he realized he had messed up on his words. "Wondering. I was wondering if maybe you'd like to go to lunch or something. With me. And Mop, too." He added, patting the dog.

Gavin smiled brightly, the smile that had caught Ryan's interest from the first moment.

"I'd love that. But I'm bringing my cat, Egg."
Run a Little Faster to Catch You in a Picture
Ryan decides that he's finally ready to become the lonely middle-aged dog guy and picks a sweet mutt up at the shelter, but when he starts bringing his new pet to the park, he finds himself captivated with a photographer there.

Wow why is there a title limit? Anyways, this is a freewood fic.
Hey! So, notice how I've let out a couple small ficlets lately? Well, that's because I'm plotting.. plotting a big story!
It's going to be a prison AU! And it's going to be in Gavin's POV!
It's Mavin, but also contains Joelay, and it's going to be this big whole thing
Now, if you want to check out the little pieces I'm putting together so far, including a small excerpt of the story, you can go to…

Here's the characters for you, and their crimes!:

Geoff: Leader of the Achieve gang. Was high up in the mafia. Cool and calm, but you don’t want to piss him off

Jack: Second-in-command. Sweet and kind, fatherly even, but killed his wife after an intense argument between the two

Michael: Brute force of the Achieve men. Used to live in Jersey, where he got heavily involved with gangs. He’s known for his horrid temper..

Ryan: The brains. Calm, but manic. Snapped one day and went on a small killing spree. He was screaming something about ‘Edgar’ as they dragged him away

Ray: Funny man and supplier of goods. He has a big sense of humor and seems light. Nobody knows why he’s in prison. When asked, he states ‘YOLO, am I right?’ and refuses to elaborate

Gavin: Newest and last member of the Achieve men (at Michael’s request). More innocent than the others, brought in after getting caught in a bank robbery. Assists Ray with supplies.

Joel: the eyes and ears of the prison. Extremely paranoid, so he made himself useful by holding any information you could possibly want from the prison. Nobody knows for sure why he’s there, but his extensive knowledge of the government has prompted rumors of him once working for the president and going rogue. He is boyfriend to Ray, the two benefiting off each other’s knowledge as well as truly caring for one another.

Burnie: Warden. He seems funny and kind at first glance, but runs a strict and cruel prison.

Gus: Main prison guard. likes to chat with the prisoners, find out what’s going on around the place. Very strict and rough on prisoners that aren’t on his list of favourites.

Caleb: New prison guard. Shy and jumpy around the inmates, tends to over-react to things occasionally, but mostly tries to give the appearance of being level-headed; easily scared.

Miles: Prison guard. Laughs a lot and seems funny, but is extremely cruel towards the inmates. Even the Achieve men try to avoid him.

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many more happy returns of the day Have your cake and eat it tooPartyHappy birthday tarkie happy DA B-day :3 1st Emoticon: Happy Birthday :beach: Happy Birthday Sini :ihavecaek: Omg I gets present Happy Birthday Grin Happy Birthday Godliek :D Sini Birthday Sini Birthday :piratejig: :happy birthday: Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday Me and My Birthday Cake America emote :omghai: Birthday :la: Happy Birthday Hide Birthday Emote HBD_NTdevont Birthday Cake  :D popcorn-pops Happy Birthday Bliss Hide Birthday Emote Happy Birthday Sailor-Pikmin! Happy B-Day Caeser1993 Clack Cookie Tease Remnants Carameldansen Happy Birthday IceXDragon! LightningYayz for Kalvanas Genesis Yayz KimRaiFan's Bday Cake Kao Emoji-16 (Happy Birthday) [V1] Happy Birthday Caeser1993 Unrequited..? Forgot it's your birthday? Happy DeviantART Birthday Sini's Birthday Slave What's in seibears gift? Happy Birthday Cupcake Kao Emoji-17 (Happy Birthday Alt) [V1] :bademoticon: :bademoticon: Misc Emoji-04 (Happy Birthday) [V1] cloudmassiveblushplz Happy Birthday Sweet Kirby :zikeshappyrun: V2 :bademoticon: Cute Fairy - Clefairy Kid Owlie Smiley 2nd Present for Happy-gurl! -different shades- 2nd Present for Happy-gurl! -different shades- :astonbounce: :8Bparty: Happy Birthday, whitemajic genesisheybbyplz happy birthday to moo Happy Birthday Xak Happy Birthday Happy-gurl! Happy Birthday Sini Happy Birthday Melmo Birthdy-emote sephlovesyouplz Happy Birthday, Synfull :fellahug: Yumii--Chan avvie request Danies Birthday Kidnapping happy birthday Krissieee cloudchaincameplz Happy Birthday - Anna! Happy birthday Kel Alex Birthday Present Smiley Happy Birthday Happy Birthday DA happybirthday purpledinosaurX3 Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Yolkurt Sneaky Emote Birthday Bear Happy Birthday Spawn Happy Birthday
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So I don't know if anyone afford this idea before or if you did it before and I didn't see it, but could do a Gavin and Ray fan fiction?
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Sooo... this is gonna sound bloody weird but---

I was reading through your freewood fan fictions and I stopped when I saw, 'Logolepsy'. And I realized it looked really familiar.

I just now figured it out that I've been reading your fan fictions on Wattpad. And, I'm fangirlling like a twit because I talked to you for a moment and your writing is fantastic ♡♡♡

Okay. I'm gonna stop being the creepy chicken and hide away now ♡

Don't stop being awesome!
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OMG! thanks so much :D Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
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Thank god you didn't get freaked out by that xD

But ahhh--!!! I'm a happy fangirl
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